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Here is where you can find all the videos associated with the Monster Mashup! Please read the information below about the Monster Mashup Goals and Mission.

This is collaborative project between local elementary aged children and artists.The goal is to get children invested and interested in many diverse art mediums and to provide an insight into different perspectives and processes.In the past few projects, I have had lovely volunteer groups of kindergartners that have designed their own Monsters and drew us pictures of their creations. Our system is to inspire kids from all around the world to release their emotions through art. Their creation come to life through the artist interpretations.

Please view this video for the start of the Monster Mashup Project:

A reading of Millie the Monster by Tammy D Hedge.

We have volunteer artists from around the world that contribute their creations to aid in the children’s lives and inspire them to be artistic and creative. I am looking forward to working with all involved and really excited to share with you all the ins and outs of our creative processes and allowing you to actually watch as these works develop over the time you work with us.

When all the works are done, we will be having a huge Reveal Night, which will be open to the public, where you can meet the artists, see the finished products, and maybe even meet the wonderful children that helped us out with their fabulous imaginations.Please stay tuned to the website to watch the fun, keep up with announcements, and eventually join us for the big events. We have many collections that are available for purchase of art and interpretations. Apply now and submit a monster to be in the next collection.

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Monster Mashup Volume 2

Visit the Art First Gallery in Downtown Fredericksburg for more personal pieces and information about the Monster Mashup Project.

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