The Monster Mash!

The Monster Mash!

We Love the Monster Mash!

We are not affiliated with this video. We are here to replay this happy video which we found and want to share with the world.


Music Video featuring Groovie Goolies to the song Monster Mash

About the Monster Mashup Project!

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Monster Mashup is a imaginative project between local elementary aged children and artists from around the world.

The Monster Mashup is for everyone.

This is a collaborative art masterpiece that combines the artistic minds of kids and adults. Kids draw their unique monsters and our artists interpret them in their own design. This project brings all generations of art to unify as one. Our mission is expression. Allow each child to express their own creativity, no matter what their inspiration or interest.


How does it work?

We have a number of kindergartners and grade school children agree to design their own Monsters and draw us pictures of their creations from imagination. Those pictures are handed off to an extremely talented group of artists who interpret them into their Monsters. The artists re-imagine the drawings into “grown up” pieces of art in their respective mediums.

We are now venturing out with this project worldwide. The new online version will have the capability to reach classrooms, hospitals, and children that just need a monster friend to help them through the tough spells.


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Monster Pen Pals

Monster and Me Books

Birthday Monster Phone Calls.

Contact us today if you would like to have a Monster Mashup project with your local schools or children’s classes.

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