Monster Mashup Puerto Rico

Monster Mashup Puerto Rico

Welcome to the Monster Mashup Project. We are proud to announce the NEW Monster Mashup in Puerto Rico. 


We want your creative monsters to be apart of the next Monster Mashup Project!

This is collaborative project between your local elementary aged children and artists.

The goal is to get children invested and interested in many diverse art mediums and to provide an insight into different perspectives and artistic processes.

In the past few projects, we have had lovely volunteer groups of kindergartners and grade school children that have designed their own Monsters and drew us pictures of their creations. Our system is to inspire kids from all around the world to release their emotions through art. Their creations come to life through the artist interpretations.

We have volunteer artists from around the world that contribute their creations to aid in the children’s lives and inspire them to be artistic and creative. We are looking forward to working with all involved and really excited to share all the ins and outs of the creative processes. We thrive on allowing you to actually watch as these works develop over the time you work with us. When all the works are done, we will be having a huge Reveal Night, which will be open to the public, where you can meet the artists, see the finished products, and maybe even meet the wonderful children that helped us out with their fabulous imaginations.

About the Monster Mashup in Puerto Rico

The Monster Mashup was built as a community driven project that encompasses local artists and local school children. The Monster Mashup Project  utilizes children from a local Elementary Schools, Special Education, and Grade Schools and their endless creativity to design and draw monsters. Those monsters would then be distributed to local artists, who would recreate them into “adult” pieces of art. Along the way the children would learn about individual creative process and how others see the world. This project is meant to encourage the children to see that different doesn’t mean wrong, it just means a different point of view. Everyone is creative in their own way.

This year, the Monster Mashup is reaching out to the to the children of Puerto Rico. Hedgerow Art has combined forces with a local organization on the Island to bring this program to you. In this special edition of the project, we are to be working with local artists and classrooms. The art will be showcased in a book with part of the proceeds being donated to a local nonprofit group to continue to help the children. When the project closes, the children will be gifted all the art you see in the book. We encourage you to join with us in this amazing opportunity for the children and the community. We will also be having a special book dedicated to special needs kids.

The next Monster Mashup reveal night for Puerto Rico will be held in April of 2019.


Please email for more information on how to get your class or children’s organization to participate.
Please stay tuned to the website to watch the fun, keep up with announcements, and eventually join us for the big events. Apply now and submit a monster to be in the next collection.
Puerto Rico Monster Mashup
This project is for all the children artists of Puerto Rico

Attention Artists in Puerto Rico

If you are a local artist in Puerto Rico, we offer you this free opportunity to be seen, gain exposure, and contribute to the creative youth in society.

The children involved in this project will create their own imaginary character drawings. They will also explain a little about their creations in a way that I hope is useful to you. These are children’s drawings and it is so important that we understand what they’ve created.

We will be re-creating the drawings into grown up pieces of art. Please remember NO SCARY RENDITIONS. The end goal is for the children to learn how each individual has their own styles of creativity, as well as watching their monsters develop into something super cool on my website.

You can visit this site for more information about the project. Also check out our Facebook Page. These are places where we post pictures and videos of the works in progress. That way the children, their families, and the community can join in the excitement of watching you create and gain insight into your individual process. These are NOT the finished works. There will be available a lesson for the children that will go along with your photos and videos. You are able to use any medium you see fit.

We will publish a small printed booklet with bios of each artist and a side by side of the 2 pieces (child’s drawing and artist’s interpretation) finished. This will also include information about the project and how it develops. Only the first name and age of each child will be used, so their anonymity can be protected. All sales of this booklet will have a percentage donated to local nonprofit to continue helping the children.

Finally, there will be an unveiling evening. We will be inviting everyone to see all the finished pieces, to meet the artists and to talk about how the project worked out. Make plans to attend and meet our mini-artists. You will be treated as a rock star and may be asked to sign autographs.

If you are a local artist in Puerto Rico, we suggest you be apart of this project to help and aid the youth. We need more creativity in this world. It is simple, fun, and inspiring.

Please email for more information.


We look forward to all the gifted children and artists that will be participating and featured in the next project!


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